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AusMumpreneur ‘Coach of the Year’ (Victoria & Tasmania)

It is with great honour that I have been selected as a finalist for the AusMumpreneur ‘Coach of the Year’ (Victoria & Tasmania) AND as a People’s Choice finalist in two categories – ‘Leadership’ & ‘Making a Difference’ (Health & Wellbeing). I would love it if you could please support me by voting for me using the button below. Thank you!

Hi there!

I’m Briana Seaton, life and business coach for women who aspire to be the best version of themselves and live a life they truly love.

Empowering begins from within. Whether you are in business or not… Education and self-development is the key!

“ briana’s fantastic ideas on how to cope with detrimental
re-occurring thought patterns made such a difference. ”

J. – VIC

About Me

My story starts from early memories of a happy, loving family.  So why did I question my self-worth? Why did I crave attention and needed my bucket constantly filled with love?

These questions and more I started to answer as I journeyed through life and its incredible challenges.

Why work with me?


Life is all about connections! When you have a true connection with your coach on an emotional, mental and spiritual level, then a powerhouse bond is formed, and we’ll be unstoppable!


You need to feel safe to share your story and some of your most trusted secrets. No judgment just an open heart and a listening ear.


We work together to find the gaps in your world so we can learn, grow and be empowered by the lessons! That’s where the magic happens.


We all can be a little slack at times unless we have someone gently nudging us along. Coaching calls and check-in text messages are only the beginning!


Support, resources, check-in text messages, blogs, posts, videos and more are all there to help you stay inspired, motivated and empowered.


Yes, we’ll get down in to some dark places and pull apart challenging times, but we’ll also have fun and learn to feel uplifted and fulfilled. Be prepared to giggle a little!

My Blog



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Just MOVE!

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