Just MOVE!

Exercise has a bit of a negative connection in my mind. It brings me back to being on an exercise bike at the gym where instructions were thrown at me as I stood and peddled, sat and peddled, stood and peddled, sat and… you get the idea. I remember quite vividly grunting and groaning and making some seriously strange noises as I pushed through the pain and mental barriers to keep going. One keen jogger on the treadmill even stopped to turn and take a look at what on earth was going on behind him. A mixture of humiliation and determination was bleeding through my veins. 

I went to the gym because that’s what you do to get fit right? Big lesson right there – Modelling off other’s ideals and what works for them was not necessarily going to work for me. 

What I did come to realise is that although cardio is a great way to get fit, lose weight and feel good, it actually wasn’t the best way for me to get into a good head space. It made me grimace and fight against it and all I wanted to do was get to the point where it was easy, but I guess this is the point where you just push harder for longer. I decide to speak to different people about exercising and what they do and don’t like about it, the response to cardio work outs was a very clear love or hate… Hmm fascinating!

Knowing cardio was not my friend I looked at other options and found my groove with pilates, yoga, centergy and walking – there is nothing better than good simple walking!

I changed the word exercise in my mind to MOVE, this in itself was the key that undid the motivation lock. The word ‘move’ is sort of flowy and keeps my heart rate at bay, whereas EXERCISE gives me anxiety at the sight of the word let alone the thought of it!

I hadn’t realised how impactful previous negative, or positive situations and their associations with words could be.

Now I truly look forward to my daily MOVE session. I love a good brisk walk and make time for it regardless of how busy my day is.  Instead of having 2:30itis and reaching for some chocolate, I put my runners on and move.  It’s a game changer, GO and try it!

Best wishes,

Briana x

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